Медиаобразование в России
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The Laboratory
of Technical Means of Teaching and Media Education
of The Russian Academy of Education,
Research Institute of General Secondary Education.

Research Theme of Laboratory - Media Education integrated with basic education for the training schoolchildren to realize the modern informational space.

The methodology used research: Conceptional thesis of mediaeducation integrated with basic education. Strategy and tactic of mediaeducation implementation into teaching practice on the ground on psychological, historical-pedagogical and philosophical theory taking into consideration social conditional in Russia. Monitoring of mass-media information and it reflection in pupil’s consciousness.

The basis of research. Integration of the aims of the basic education with the aims of mediaeducation by means of figuring out the cross points of school subjects and information received from mass-media. Development of methodical ways of the work for training children skills of individual informational defense.

Study. Investigations is directed on learning young generation aimed to broke authority impacts of Mass-Media in their mind , development of critical intellect, development intellectual and skills of creation, processing and translation of information.

Theoretical and applied aspects of the problem investigated are developing in the Institute of basic secondary education of Russian Education Academy (Moscow), practical work proceeds at the several schools of Russia.

E-mail: laboratory@mediaeducation.ru



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